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True Blood SQUEEE!

We wanna do bad things with our SHOW!

True Blood SQUEEEE!
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A positive place to show love for the HBO hit True Blood.

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Please keep these things in mind when posting or commenting:

1. No negativity -- If you have constructive criticism of something, fine, but just complaining about how something about the show or the show itself sucks is not welcome. This is the home of UNABASHED SQUEE!!!!

2. NO BASHING OR FLAMING -- I can't stress this one enough. That goes for any character, ship, actor or poster. If you don't like a particular character, ship, actor or poster, simply hit your BACK button and avoid their post or a post about them. Violators of this rule will be banned without notice. Giddy, loving fans of every character/actor/story of the show, and every other possible part, are welcome here!

We're not big fans of The Fellowship of the Sun, of course. *G*

3. PLEASE READ THE FAQ/RULES and ask any questions you might have before posting.

All kinds of fan fun are welcome here: fanfic (please label for adult content and put behind a cut), fanart, meta, discussion (there will be a weekly episode thread, of course), icons, etc. As long as it's positive! Of course, there's nothing wrong with a whole post of SQUEEE and *wibble* and OMG SO HAWT! Or whatever mindless glee pours forth! This is a Squee community after all, we're about the love, man! ;)

If you are from outside the US, please be advised that this community runs according to the US HBO viewing schedule -- you may be spoiled if you are watching on another network or by satellite!


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